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Downton Abbey is a drama set in 1912 about the Crawley household.


Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1 | Aired 9/26/10

News of the Titanic’s sinking has just reached Downton Abbey, causing much chaos within the family as Lord Grantham has three daughters and no male heir.

Episode 2 | Aired 10/3/10

The arrival of Matthew and Isobel Crawley causes a stir at Downton Abbey. Matthew struggles to settle down, while Isobel doesn’t make a good first impression on Violet.

Episode 3 | Aired 10/10/10

The reason behind Gwen’s secret correspondence is revealed, much to the surprise of the staff and Cora’s matchmaking attempts fail when Mary takes a liking to another man from foreign parts who is intent on sweeping her off her feet.

Episode 4 | Aired 10/17/10

Two men vy for Daisy’s affections, wanting to take her to the fair, while Sybil helps Gwen in her search for a new job. Violet has a favour to ask of Matthew. Mrs. Hughes takes an evening off to spend time with an old flame.

Episode 5 | Aired 10/24/10

The village hall is being utilized to make preparations for the annual Downton Village Flower Show. Sybil takes Gwen to another job interview. Daisy is still reeling from seeing what happened to Mr. Pamuk. And Edith finds a way to get her own back on her sister, Mary.

Episode 6 | Aired 10/31/10

Lady Sybil expresses her interest in politics to Lord Grantham, who isn’t at all pleased to hear of her venture to the debate, and things take a drastic turn when she’s injured at the bi-election results.

Episode 7 | Aired 11/7/10

In this final episode of series one, many changes are taking place within the Crawley household as the First World War looms. His Lordship is stunned to discover that Cora is pregnant, news which leaves Cousin Matthew wondering.

Season 2

Episode 1 | Aired 9/18/11

The first episode of the second series picks up the story in 1916 during World War I. Many changes have taken place at Downton Abbey because of the conflict which has greatly unsettled all the occupants.

Episode 2 | Aired 9/25/11

It is now April, 1917. The First World War thunders on and Mr. Carson finds himself under extreme pressure at Downton trying to run the household with so many of the male staff absent in the service of their country.

Episode 3 | Aired 10/2/11

The village hospital is not large enough to accommodate the large influx of wounded soldiers coming back from the front and so, Downton is turned into a convalescent home for many of them.

Episode 4 | Aired 10/9/11

It is now 1918. While a concert is being planned to cheer up the soldiers recovering their health at Downton, members of the family are trying to overcome several personal issues.

Episode 5 | Aired 10/16/11

Lord Grantham receives some terrible news from the front line which will impact on everyone at Downton.
It looks as though the future of the entire family could be under threat as the greedy Vera Bates threatens

Episode 6 | Aired 10/23/11

It is 1918, and with the end of the war in sight, it looks as though it won’t be too long before life can return to relative normality at Downtown Abbey, however, Cora and Isobel clash once more over what

Episode 7 | Aired 10/30/11

It is now early 1919, and with the war over, the residents of Downton Abbey slowly start to get their lives back in order. Just as it is thought that there cannot be more problems concerning Vera, Bates learns…

Episode 8 | Aired 11/6/11

In this final regular episode of Series 2, a wedding is fast approaching. Unfortunately, so is the dreaded Spanish Influenza, both of which have the potential to cause difficulties for some residents of Downton Abbey.

Episode 9 (Christmas Special) | Aired 12/25/11

It is now Christmas, 1919, just a little over a year since the end of WWI. The Crawley family intend to make it a lavish affair for themselves and their guests, even though the arrest of John Bates, for the

Season 3

Episode 1 | Aired 9/16/12

It is 1920 and Matthew and Mary’s wedding is fast approaching. Cora’s mother, Martha, arrives from America for the nuptials, much to the displeasure of Violet as the two women have never seen eye to eye.

Episode 2 | Aired 9/23/12

The financial situation for the Crawley family becomes even more precarious and Violet and Mary decide that something must be done. They decide to pretend all is well by throwing a large, formal party for family, friends and neighbors.

Episode 3 | Aired 9/30/12

Edith’s happiness is overshadowed by her family’s opposition to her plans regarding Anthony Strallan but will their disapproval change things? Meanwhile as the mounting financial pressures threaten to engulf the estate and everyone connected with it.

Episode 4 | Aired 10/7/12

Trouble looms for Lady Sybil and her husband, Tom Branson as his strong views on political matters get him into all sorts of trouble which means that Sybil has her strong loyalties severely tested.

Episode 5 | Aired 10/14/12

The new maid is managing to get quite a bit of attention from the servants and Daisy appears to be just a bit jealous at the direction some of it is coming from.

Episode 6 | Aired 10/21/12

Has Bates finally realized that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for Vera’s murder or does he have something up his sleeve that will set him free?

Episode 7 | Aired 10/28/12

There may finally be some good news at Downton after all the recent trauma. Matthew continues to insist that his way of managing the estate is the correct one.

Episode 8 | Aired 11/4/12

In this final episode of Season 3, Matthew and Mary are obviously keeping important secrets from each other, the question is, what is each of them holding back? Carson must decide what to do with Thomas.

Episode Christmas Special | Aired 12/25/12

It is September, 1921, and the story picks up one year after the conclusion of Series 3. The Crawleys are headed for Scotland in this 2012 Christmas Special. Robert is particularly looking forward to it after a difficult year.

Episode 9 | Aired 12/25/12

Christmas Special 2012. (Season 3 Finale for US Audiences)

In the season finale as aired in the United States, the Crawleys head to the Scottish highlands, to enjoy the hospitality of Rose’s family. Amid the hunting, fishing, and fine dining, tensions bubble over and a new crisis unfolds.

Season 4

Episode 1 | Aired 9/22/13

Set in February 1922, long after the funeral for Matthew. Isobel and Mary are still in mourning. Violet attempts to bring Mary out of mourning. Mr Carson tells her she’s letting herself be defeated by Matthew’s death.

Episode 2 | Aired 9/29/13

Mary starts to let go of her grief and take in interest in the managing of the estate. Robert finds Matthew’s last letter stating that he wished Mary to be his sole heiress.

Episode 3 | Aired 10/6/13

Dame Nellie Melba sings at an extravagant house party at Downton Abbey. The Crawleys have a chance to reconnect with some old friends and acquaintances. Michael Gregson attempts to win Robert’s approval and eventually does using a hidden talent.

Episode 4 | Aired 10/13/13

The house party guests leave behind a traumatized Anna. Tom Branson struggles with the events of a night spent rather drunk. Michael Gregson pursues to court Edith, who finally gives in. Lady Mary has to make up her mind about an unexpected declaration of love.

Episode 5 | Aired 10/20/13

Thomas is scheming again. Alfred fails his first attempt to become a cook and Molesly missed his chance. Bates finds out about Anna’s secret and confronts her. Meanwhile the Dowager Countess of Grantham worries about more mundane problems: Is the new gardener trustworthy?

Episode 6 | Aired 10/27/13

Thomas is scheming again. Alfred fails his first attempt to become a cook and Molesly missed his chance. Bates finds out about Anna’s secret and confronts her. Meanwhile the Dowager Countess of Grantham worries about more mundane problems: Is the new gardener trustworthy?

Episode 7 | Aired 11/03/13

Cora’s brother Harold has managed to get himself into some trouble and Robert needs to travel to America to bail him out. Blake and Mary have to try and put aside their differences to help with the new farming venture on the estate.

Episode 8 | Aired 11/10/13

Rosamund comes up with wy to try and help Edith deal with her problem. Rose is not happy after things fail go her way. Alfred realises too late he could have made a mistake. Anna receives some unexpected news as she and Bates look lile they are getting back on track.

Episode 9 | Aired 12/25/13

It’s summer and as part of Rose’s ‘coming out’ she is to be presented at Buckingham Palace. The family are in London, preparing Grantham House for the busy social programme.

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